Even with private health insurance have a hard time finding doctors to treat them. As the Times reported last fall. “Efforts by insurance companies to control medical expenses. Especially for primary care physicians. Even among the lowest paid doctors, the key role in healthcare seems to be accelerating.”

The Times goes on to say in a comprehensive survey of doctors across the country that more than half plan to take action to reduce patient access to services in the next few years. at their service.

Remember when you were sure health insurance would lead you?

Not always.

Doctors blame health insurance companies. He claimed that the insurance company did not pay the doctor’s bills as planned. And in some cases, it prevents Best Medicare plans in Arizona care workers leading a fair life.

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The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to reduce the number of uninsured from the current over 40 million to far fewer.

Here’s how it happens.

1. The ACA prohibits insurance companies from denying health coverage. due to existing conditions

2. Businesses with 50 or more employees must provide health insurance to workers by January next year.

3. The ACA requires all 50 states to create health insurance exchanges designed to: Healthcare.gov To give uninsured a chance, “Buy the health insurance that’s right for you with an affordable, zero-insurance plan. All states must have health exchanges in effect by early 2014, and individuals can register as early as October of this year.

These requirements are expected to significantly reduce the number of uninsured . But equally important to supporters of the administration’s efforts to expand health insurance to more are the ACA’s provisions that require most to have health insurance by January 1 next year.

Most individuals who choose to be uninsured, even with additional coverage. Fines will be imposed Some individuals certainly take the opportunity and are not insured despite the penalties. It is generally accepted even by those who support the individual’s right to uninsured. And those who oppose the government pressured to enroll in health insurance, the ACA will significantly reduce the number of uninsured .

Unfortunately, the more new people enrolling in health insurance early next year, the more likely current enrollees will find out that they won’t be covered by taking out health insurance. Any medical services you no longer need. In some cases, there is no guarantee that you will see a doctor.

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