How To Lose Pounds Fast and Easy: 3 Simple Steps

We all strive to lose weight but it is always a constant battle. Sometimes you just want to lose some weight for a special occasion like a wedding or to fit into that lovely dress and look fabulous for that occasion.

At other times you want to shed off those unwanted pounds of weight for general fitness or for health reasons. Either way, I want to show you how to lose pounds fast and easy in this article, such that you can build on this strategy to maintain your weight and have an acceptable body mass index (BMI).

Once you have implemented these strategies on how to lose pounds fast and easy, you will discover that your new body will be one to adore. This will spur you on to keep the weight off in the long term.

Step 1

Start keeping a food journal….beginning today.

A food journal keeps a record of whatever food and beverage you consume on a daily basis. Write down whatever you eat and drink including snacks between meals.

Keep a record of the food portions as well alongside each meal. Do this activity for about a week or so after which time you sit down to analyze the food journal. It also helps if you also keep a record of your emotional state when you had your meal.

One of the things you will discover is the fact that you do engage in a lot of emotional eating than you thought you did. The second thing you will discover is the undesirable size of your meals and beverages. This discovery will be an eye-opener that will make you move on to the next step.

Step 2

Watch those food portions

Food portions are what could be described as the “elephant in the room”. It’s such an obvious problem yet it is constantly ignored. This happens because we have been taught right from childhood to eat everything in the plate not only to please our parents but to facilitate our growth as kids.

In actual fact we only need to eat what we need for our energy needs. Anything in excess of that is stored as fat for future use by your body. That is the way our body chemistry works.

So as a second step from keeping a food journal, we need to trim our food portions and also keep the carbohydrate content of our meals to less than half the entire size of the meal.

This is one the techniques you must acquire if you want to learn how to lose pounds fast and easy.

Step 3

It is all about a lifestyle

We tend to see changes to the way we eat as a means of dieting which is probably right to some extent. This attitude however does not work in our favour because dieting is viewed in our minds as a short term measure.

Once it is over, we slip back into our previous eating routine and the weight is piled back on as a result. For medium to long term weight loss results, you have to change that mindset.

View your new way of eating as a lifestyle choice and you will see significant changes to your weight not just for a couple of weeks but for months and years to come.

Adopting this approach to your dieting is how to lose to lose pounds fast and easy and maintain your weight in the healthy BMI zone.

Follow those simple steps and you will be well on your way to shedding off those unwanted pounds of weight.

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