ADHD & ADD Free Test – And Tips for Parents

Since the introduction of new criteria for diagnosing ADD and ADHD, the proportion of children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD has increased dramatically.

However, many parents do not know how to find fast, safe and effective treatments to help their children.


Once a medical diagnosis is available, a validated form from a specialist, educational psychologist, or child psychiatrist can be used to evaluate a child’s symptoms of ADD or ADHD. However, waiting lists can be long and expensive. And for some parents, there is a feeling of ‘stigma’ about their children being evaluated, such as by a psychiatrist.

A new testing option has recently appeared online. A quick internet search will reveal a variety of websites that offer drug free ADD and ADHD treatment.

Free online tests provide parents with guidance on whether their child has symptoms of ADD or ADHD. From the results, parents can decide how to help their children.


Despite a better diagnosis, parents know little about how to help their children. Drugs can be dangerous. And psychology or psychiatry can be very time consuming, time consuming to and from clinics, and sometimes costly financially. However, other help may be available.

As with diagnostics, many websites have been created through salespeople offering merchandise. Parents need to be careful again. Many of the options available on the internet, even those that have been available for many years, have not been academically validated.

Some sites quickly display photos and testimonials of assisted parents and children. But they do not show how many failures! In other words, you can show the testimonies of 10 children who have been cured. But if they have to treat 1,000 children to find 10 successes, that doesn’t give parents a very good chance of success! 10 out of 1,000 means 990 children are without help…

Parents are encouraged to search online for treatments for ADD or ADHD that show research evidence. Include words like “university study” or “success rate” or “success rate” in your search.

Also, many online treatments have not been found to be safe in studies. So parents can search for treatments with words like “safe treatment” or “safe and effective”. Parents are more likely to find the best quality treatment available.

So parents can now get a free test to assess if their child has ADD or ADHD. And once the symptoms are confirmed to be present in the child, parents can find an appropriately validated treatment. Their online searches are more likely to find safe treatments that will help relieve your child’s symptoms and have a high success rate.

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